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About Breda Packaging

More than 50 years’ experience in packaging systems

With over 50 years of experience within the packaging industry Breda Packaging, located in Deventer – the Netherlands- has provided casepacking solutions for many companies.
Our expertise and focus is end of line packaging machines for case packing wrap around or shelf ready packaging (SRP) for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG’s) within the food and household industry. More than 2,000 case packing systems have been installed worldwide, flexible, solid and efficient machines, meeting the highest demands with regard to quality and durability.


History of Breda Packaging


Our history goes way back to 1960 when the first end of line packaging machines were built. At that time, producers within the food industry decided to start to automate the process of packing products into secondary packaging for ease of transportation purposes. The initial Breda Packaging machine proved to be the ideal solution for Dutch companies and beyond. By appointing agents throughout the world Breda Packaging could provide customers with the best available solutions and service.



In the years that followed many machines were designed for various products. In 1976 Breda Packaging introduced its first wraparound case packer.


In 1982 Unipack-25 was developed, this new design was the forerunner of today’s Unipack . This side loader case packing system, with a capacity of 20 boxes per minute, responded to the demand of the customers with regard to reliability and more flexibility in handling different types of boxes.



In 1993, a new Unipack generation was developed. The major benefit of this new machine was that it could also handle smaller boxes. In this same period, the tray forming unit was developed, capable of producing over 40 trays per minute, with change-over being possible within five (5) minutes.


In 1998 Breda Packaging developed several type of Unipacks, the unipack 2 – 3 and – 4. The choosen numbers were indicating the processing time within the unit, whereas the highest number gave the fastes processing time. A heavy duty unit was specifically designed for heavy boxes which was then the so called 4-K unit. Furthermore a simple relatively cost effective side-loader was developed to enable loading of RSC’s, the so called ‘Rollpack’.



A total re-design of the Unipack 4 was established during year 2008. The complete unit has been improved, optimised where possible with regard to performance and manufacturing cost were significantly reduced.


Robot technology was introduced into our packer units. This technology is continuously on the move and is evolving rapidly. Breda Packaging is constantly aware of and up to speed with these developments and apply them where necessary and/ or when fit for purpose, based on the most economically and technically best solution for our customers.


Breda Packaging now

Breda Packaging is still a market oriented company with thirty (30) employees. We constantly work together on the development and production of Case Packers , Tray Formers and Lid Formers . Our focus lies within the packaging of flexible, semi-flexible and rigid products in wraparound boxes, display boxes and trays as well as RSC’s.
In close collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers of carton board we will remain developing and manufacture modern and efficient end of line packing machines.
All this in close cooperation with our customers, taking into account your wishes and demands, to ensure we can deliver fit for purpose case packing systems according to customer expectations in nowadays world.