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Case Packer machines

Wraparound and Shelf Ready Case Packer systems

Breda Packaging specialise in the design and manufacture of automatic case packers for wraparound boxes, display boxes and trays. Our case packers are known for their thoughtful design and great flexibility. A machine can handle different sizes and types of secondary packaging. Our extensive knowledge and experience with regard to the formation and loading of flexible, semi-flexible and rigid products ensures that we can advise you on the most effective and efficient solution for your end of line packing requirement.

Breda Packaging Formeren
Forming pack pattern
Breda Packaging opzetten
Setting up box or tray from blanks
Breda Packaging Beladen
Breda Packaging Sluiten

Customized solutions, based on standard concepts

Breda Packaging develops customer-specific end of line packing systems based on standard concepts. That does make our solutions reliable and this also ensures great value for your money. 
Our Case Packers are based on a standard module – the unipack – combined with a dedicated packer unit. Our Case Packers are specially designed for the food industry based on a stainless steel AISI-304 configuration.


Breda Case Packer systems

Unipack – standard module

The Unipack consists of aservo driven transport system with four sections, suitable for packing, gluing and closing wrap around cartons, display trays and regular slotted containers (RSC’s). Also display trays with lids can be packed using an integrated lid applicator in one compact unit.


Packer unit

The packer unit combined with our unipack module forms our case packing system. The packer unit forms the required pack pattern and loads the wraparound or shelf ready packaging (SRP) within the unipack. The packer unit design depends on the product and the required pack-patterns.
The packer unit is equipped with one of our standard pack/load modules, depending on the product.

  • Push/ lift packer
  • Robotic packer
  • Racetrack packer
  • a combination of these modules

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Tray Formers and Lid Formers

Breda Packaging also manufactures compact systems for setting up trays and placing lids.
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Tailor-made advice

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in packaging systems ensures that we can advise you with regard to the most effective and efficient solution for your end of line packing requirement.

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