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Secondary Packaging

Wraparound boxes, display boxes, display trays and lids

wraparound display and tray

Breda Packaging is known for its flexible packaging solutions with regard to:

  • Wraparound cartons/ boxes
  • Display boxes and trays (SRP – Shelf Ready Packaging)


Flexible packaging

Flexi Belen and semi-flexible individuals

Our packaging machines are designed for packing of flexible, semi-flexible and rigid products within the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG’S) i.e.: pouches, block bottom bags, pillow bags, cups, wrappers and cartons. From bakery products to dairy, frozen foods to sweets, from cosmetics to confectionary and other household products.

Breda Packaging has a great deal of experience in collating and arranging primary products according to the required pattern before loading into the case. By using our in-depth knowledge of secondary packaging we like to advise you in choosing the most appropriate solution for your packing requirements.

All primary packaging can be packed according to your requirements/ needs into:

  • Display boxes and trays (SRP)
  • Wraparound boxes
  • American folding boxes with or without perforation ( RSC’s)




Tailor-made advice

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in packaging systems ensures that we can advise you with regard to the most effective and efficient solution for your end of line packing requirement.
 Contact us for assistance or advice, please call our sales engineer +31 (0) 570 678 783 or send a message.