Breda Case Packer systems

Unipack, over pack unit


Set up boxes, filling, bonding and closing

The Unipack is the box / tray forming unit, consisting of a storage for blanks/ outers including four (4)box / tray positions, being ‘blanks put-up’ position, loading, gluing and closing position, all integrated into one compact unit.


Features of the Unipack:

Maximum capacity 33 cases / min.

  • Heavy duty welded framework in stainless steel
  • Easily accessible with safety interlocked guarding
  • Enlarged blank storage up to 1,200blanks E-flute
  • Integrated hot melt unit
  • Simple changing of parts and crank adjustments for quick changeovers
  • Accurate positioning within +/- 0.5 mm
  • Zero-tolerance on flaps, allowing higher stacking strength
  • Guaranteed efficiency of 98%.


Unipack W + T

The Unipack (W + T) is an automatic side-loader case packer for wraparound cartons and various trays.


Unipack R + T

The Unipack R + T is the solution for pillow bags or bulging cartons to be packed into American folding boxes (RSC’s) or display boxes. With this solution boxes can be loaded in a 90 degree tilted position. The primary products coming from the upstream conveyors in a horizontal position are then formed (stacked) and inserted into the RSC container. The combined primary products are now loaded horizontally into the boxes. After closing the RSC’s the boxes will then be turned 90 degrees in a upright position ensuring primary products are now faced in an upright position for further transport and ready to put on your shelf.


Packer unit, forms and loads primary products

The packer unit together with the Unipack is the Breda Case Packer system. The packer unit forms the required pack patterns and loads the wraparound or display box/ tray.

The packer unit design depends on:

  • Product
  • Product supply
  • Product dimension
  • Capacity
  • Required pack patterns


Standard packer modules

The packer unit is based on standard modules:

  • Push/ Slide combined with elevator packer
  • Robot packer
  • Racetrack packer
  • Combination of the above solutions.


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