Excellent service

Reliable and competent

Breda Packaging is committed to provide continual customer support with regard to service and spare parts, which extends long after casepacker systems have been delivered, installed and commissioned.
We pursuit a trouble-free production for our customers. On request, maintenance and installation of components can be executed on the spot by our experienced service team. This to prevent unplanned and costly downtime of your Breda Packaging machines.


Trouble-free production

Ensuring continuous production is the main goal of our service department.


Summarised this entails:

  • Worldwide delivery and on-site installation of our machines.
  • Worldwide inspection by our service engineers to identify possible (near) future problems in an early stage to allow for sufficient lead time to plan and execute all remedial action as deemed necessary/ required.
  • Training of your operators and maintenance staff by our experienced service engineers to ensure reliable and trouble-free production/ operation.
  • Fast en accurate delivery of required spare parts all over the world.


Ordering parts

Parts can be ordered any time by phone, fax or by e-mail.  We ensure you to do our utmost to provide the fastest possible delivery time, anywhere in the world.


Optimum service

Breda Packaging is constantly striving to improve its customer support. Feedback from our customers is therefore always appreciated, if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve our service please tell us ›